Yad L’Achim Warns of Missionary Discs Appearing in Mailboxes

"Dangerous missionary material." A Yad L'Achim notice warns against the missionary discs

Entire cities are being flooded with the discs of a well-known missionary from abroad that contain messages of idolatry and apostasy, Yad L’Achim warned this week. Hundreds of thousands more discs are being prepared for distribution, the counter-missionary organization learned.

The initial information about the distribution came from citizens who found the discs in their mailboxes. This was followed by heart-rending calls to Yad L’Achim from mailmen protesting that they were being forced to distribute abominable materials as part of their job, putting them in a terrible quandary.

Yad L’Achim sprang into action. Overnight between Monday and Tuesday, the organization’s field officer, Rabbi Shimon Abergil, dispatched teams of activists who posted notices regarding the nature of the discs in the mailboxes where they had been delivered.

In addition, warning notices were posted on notice boards in city centers.

Joining the activists were dozens of yeshivah students who were recruited for the night-time campaign, helping distribute explanatory material aimed at saving people from spiritual catastrophe.

On Tuesday morning, Yad L’Achim sent urgent letters to the Israel Postal Service, the police and the Communications Ministry via attorney Moshe Morgenstern, a member of its legal team. The letter called on the authorities to “put the brakes on the devastating distribution that is being sent in an indiscriminate mass mailing that can reach children.”

The letter also appealed on behalf of the mailmen who were being forced to lend a hand to misleading the innocent Jewish masses.

Morgenstern noted that though the disc says it is meant for people above the age of 18, the missionary material is reaching children, which is a violation of the criminal code. “Is the state prepared to stand by and do nothing while its sons and daughters are turned into Christians? Has an issue over which our fathers went to the gallows become a matter of insignificance in the state of Israel?”

Yad L’Achim officials manning its command center said it was moving to see how many of the hundreds of protest calls that came in were from people who do not make Torah and mitzvos part of their daily life, but who nonetheless were outraged by the distribution of such material.

“These calls prove that there is broad consensus in the nation regarding opposition to missionary activities,” they said in a statement. “They show that the Jewish heart is awakened to Hashem and His Torah. It is incumbent upon the government of Israel to heed the public and enforce the law banning missionary activity.”

Massive shemad campaign:
Copies of the missionary discs that are being distributed in the hundreds of thousands of copies in mailboxes